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Well, at 12.30 I am due at the hairdressers for a long overdue trim and thin out. My hair is now at waist length. I love my long hair. I've had to give up high heels or any heels. I can only wear slip on an velcro adjustable straps now which cost me quite a bit as I have to order then from The Shoe Tailor. I can only wear stretchy fabric clothing, no buttons, no zips or other such thing.

My hair is about the only thing physically that I can still 'have' so to speak. I always hated myself with anything shoulder length or shorter. I cringe every-time we see pictures of my in my teens and early twenties. Others liked it, loved it, I absolutely hated it. I can't stand to even look at my pictures from that time frame.

I'm super vigilant when I go for a trim since the first real 'trim' I got resulted in my long mid-back length hair was cut and thinned out and barely hit my shoulders. I absolutely hated it since then I make sure that I know where my hair will reach before allowing a pair of scissors to touch it.

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hi i too had hair passed my bottomi could sit on it but i had t cut tobra strap length his year an i love it now i can do somuch more with it and t is easier to look after and i have it down nearly all the time too . i also had relly long nails too i cut them all off in october last year as could not keep ding them every week so i just got nail clippers and cut them as shoert as i could no oe could believe it everyone knew me in the town for my long nails they were always painted with lovely patterns on them but do you know t is best thing i done lol .

oh well i hope that you get the trim that you want and you are pleased love to you diddle xxxx i


i cut my hair short as was struggling to brush it! an i so regret it, i dont feel like me, an im not in any less pain brushing the shoulder legnth hair!


my hair is my only pride, I'm 55 and it's still naturally red albeit a little darker but only 1 or 2 rare grey hairs.

have you tried "flyflots" they are one brand of shoes/sandals I wear not, too pricey either. My all time favourites are sandals by "gluv" I wear them constantly in & out of the house. I got them in a sale at the kind of shoeshop you can only afford to stand outside of and look in. They were in the sale "reduced" to about £20. I tried the right one and decided "what the hey..." then I tried a little walk in the pair. They fitted well and were like walking on air I said yes and went to pay. The assistant then disappeared and came back with the manager. "I'm sorry, we haven't any more in stock. This one is a 6 and this is a 7." Disappointed I turned to leave. Just then the manager said "Looks like these are for the 50 pence odd-bin" I had that 50p out of my purse so quick!

regards, sandra


Gosh what a bargain. Had to laugh. I really do have one foot bigger than the other because of Lymphoedema. ~Wish you could get seperate sizes when you have gammy feet like mine. Didnt like Flyflot; the back straps kept falling down and the slip on ones are a bit dangerous as your foot can slip out of them. I usually get the Cushion -Walk ones out of the catalogue. Usually wait till they have them reduced and then buy a couple of pair size EEE. My God where have my stiletto 6" heels gone? disappeared along with all the years which have gone before. Getting maulding now..

Anyway good bargain there kid.


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