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I'm still here and watching you all!

but I dont often feel like participating at the moment. My heart problem is getting much worse and is not helped by IBS which I have apparently had for a couple of years but only just been diagnosed! I was heading for an ulcer recently because of eating so much fruit and the peppermint capsules in this state were making it worse. More wind = pressure on heart!!! Hopefully I have found the balance with 3 different sets of pills in the morning at 3 different stages of breakfast should work out right. (9 pills in all - and more at night) I am not allowed to travel or DO anything so life is pretty rubbish at present and driving is out too as I cannot concentrate. I look forward to all your funny stories and tips. Oh and I will be moving soon - that will be fun as I cannot go down to sort it all out! Love and soft hugs to you all. xxxx

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haha, gypsycrafter....i spy with my little eye..all my fibro friends.

At least you can pop in and out if here and catch up with what's going on. i just love this site, it's so friendly and welcoming, we can moan, giggle, get information or just browse and know we all feel the same to one degree or another.

Sorry to hear your heart problem is getting worse, hope the meds sort it out for you, sometimes i think you can't do right for doing wrong with meds..then there are the meds to counter the side effect of the origional meds...tsk feel like i'm going to rattle soon lol.

Oh my hope the move goes well, keep us posted,

Take care

thoughts and hugs

Jan xx


Take care, keep dropping in for our moans and laughter I hope it helps you a little.

Soft hugs to you try and keep smiling x gins


happy planning and moving xx I am hoping to move but most of all look after your self

gentle dyslexic hugs


hi hope you will be happy in your new home xx


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