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I set my phone alarm to go off at 5 am and am always awake way before it but it never goes off as i get up early even if i am dropping off my body naturally opens its eyes at 5 am

i know it is weird how your body does that isnt it sets its own alarm clock !!!!!

i love the early part of the day there is no one around the air is all fresh and clean and i just love walking my dog as lonfg as it is light just lovely.

mind you my partner always tells meoff for wandering the streets at ungodly hours as do my parents they say make sure you have your phone as you never know who is about which is very true i suppose

i am always surprised that i never see another person walking their dog i cant be the only person in town who walks their dog betwwwen 5 and 5.30 am ????

oh well love to you all Diddle xxx

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my dog has a built in alarm too. you tell her what time you want to get up and she will be there! x


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