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Oh dear ants are back

Oh dear it feels as though I have ants crawling all over body. I am scratching here there and everywhere. Anybody else get this? I have had an hour with the pain clinic got two more visits, and spent the rest of the day shopping for my daughter's guide camp from sunday. Come home for a rest and the itching started. Trying not to scratch. Any idea on how to stop it?

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Hi yes I used to get this but my gp put me on antihistamines and it has done the trick well most of the time it has I do get it still but not very often now. I would definitely go an see your gp and maybe he will give you antihistamines or something else to stop the itching, hope you get sorted out, gentle hugs. Hilly xx


sometimes feels like something is crawling over me, sometimes have an itch which when i try to scratch i cant find! drives me insane. from the age of 13 had hives (urticaria) with sverely swollen lips/eyes which was an allergic reaction to something, know not what to, have been on anti-histamines ever since. they usually keep hives & swellings @ bay but have no effect on the others. if you find any answers please would you let me know?


Hi Sherry,

Oh yes I too suffer from the itching. There is literally nothing there though - it moves around from one place to the next and places I can't reach. I've got a back scratcher hanging near my bed so I can get to these.

It's just another fibro doesn't happen every night thank goodness...I just can't take any more drugs so will have to just put up with it...

Hugs Ren


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