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ATOS medical assessment - requesting a home visit

I was wondering if anyone has been successful in getting ATOS to do a home visit as I don't think my GP will back me up and I need them to fax ATOS saying why I can't attend assessment 20 miles away from home.

Background - I have fibro, cfs and osteoarthritis and I'm not doing too good at the mo. I moved from York to Harrogate last month because my family live here and I was struggling with looking after my son, housework, cooking, school runs etc and was putting so much on my husband who also has to work full time. I had to give up my job because of fatigue and pain. I received a letter today requesting me to attend assessment in York, forwarded from my old address. I rang them to say they got the address wrong and updated my details (again). The adviser told me I still have to go to York. I told him I can't drive at the moment because of my medication making me drowsy, my husband can't drive me because he is working and I can't use public transport because I can't walk far without suffering severe pain and I'm so drowsy. I asked if I can have a home assessment instead. The advisor was very short with me and said I have to get a medical professional (ie my GP) to fax them a letter before next Friday 3rd Aug explaining why I need a home visit. I've booked in to see my GP on Wed but she hasn't been very helpful up to now and I'm worried she won't back me up. I started seeing another GP but she is now leaving as I didn't realise she was temporary and she has been so helpful but signed me back to my original GP. If I see yet another GP I will have to explain everything from the start and they may wonder why I don't just see my regular GP.

Any advice would be really welcome


Jennifer xx

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like you i went to my g.p when i first got a copy of the atos appeal , she was very unkind to me ,said unless you are in a coma everyone can work,she said david blunketts blind! i thought if i were blind i may be working,but physically i can't do much for myself at all,she said she wouldn't back me as i could try to do something,she has no idea how i struggle even to walk a few metres she was dismiiive of me and said she had two other patients with fibro who work , she obviously doesn't understand it effects people different ways,she tried to say i was in it for the money aspect ,at that point in tears i left ,so i decided to appeal without her backing,i go to the same practice but don't see her, my appeal is in york in aug, not far from where i live,i think the other place to go was leeds, it is a long way to travel from where you now live, can you not book a double appoint with the head of your practice and take your hubby in with you for support or take a relative or close friend,and tallk to him(or her ) about it? you can say you don't feel that the g.p you usually see has your best interests at heart and you have lost faith in them,it doesn't hurt to tell them that if that is how you feel ,after all they get paid for every patient they see,the head of the practice g.p will probably be more responsive and try to help you, or you could try speaking to c.a.b ,good luck,don't feel intimidated by dwp or g.p,you are better than that xxx


Thank you for your kind words, I'll try what you say :) good luck with your appeal. I truly want to work as I had worked so hard for 8 years to get where I was as manager. I also had to give up half way through an open Uni degree because of the fog and pain when writing or typing. I got so behind on assignments that I had to give up. I feel really fed up and wish this would go away!


i know the feeling,why did it pick us?there are plenty of really really bad people in the world fibro could have gone to wiithout knocking on our doors, i was very sporty and athletic and worked full time ,really hard before all this ill health struck,do the dwp (or anyone else for that matter) think i would give all that up easily ,to be practically more or less in a wheelchair?

i don't know how long you have had fibro but after 13 years i have still not really 100% come to terms with it(and i know the truth is i never will) it is a nasty heartless thief that robs you of so much as far as i am concerned , when i was going to appeal but didn't have the first lady doctors backing because she had been awful to me like i said in previous message,i got in touch with my union rep and she said as i had so much documentation from specialist over the years i should be ok she said they rarely contact your g.p they usually gt you to do all that, i will have a union rep and my partner at my appeal,


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