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Anyone using or tried buprenorphine?

I'm currently taking cymbalta 60mg, tramadol 400mg, amitriptyline 100mg, meloxicam 15mg and paracetamol daily for osteoarthritis pain and fibro. My gp is looking into whether I can have buprenorphine patches instead of taking tramadol so often and says I could take an additional does of tramadol if needed on top of bupren. I'm seeing her later today to find out if I can get the patches but wanted to know other people's experience of them first :) Thanks Jennifer

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i love them, has enabled me to cut down on codeine/oramorph - i detest tablets/medicine etc. makes me gag & already have major problems trying to get everything else down.


My doc went thru the whole thing about them with me then said I'll just check with your regular GP as I'm leaving this surgery next week (I changed docs because regular GP refused me diazepam even though my old GP before moving house gave me 2 boxes of it) and she came back saying regular GP wants me to try slow release tramadol first because I only started Cymbalta 2 weeks ago. So I'm on tablet number 2 but don't feel any different yet. Back with regular GP in 2 weeks for a review. My reg GP is very knowledgeable but not very helpful, won't refer me to neurologist even tho rheum suggested it but because rheum didn't write to my GP she doesn't believe me and wants me to wait til I see pain management in 5 months as they can refer me!!!!


How on earth are you supposed to wait 5 MONTHS before even asking for the referral + who knows how long for the appointment!! I have been on cymbalta for quite some time and I do quite like them. Also have amitriptyline which for me is more of a help as anti-depressant/sleep aid than effective pain relief, also using the patches, with a back up with codeine & paracetamol, and more options available with oramorph (tastes disgusting but at times we'll try anything for some relief!) and final resort of lorazapam. Since I've had the patches I have been able to really cut down the others and i'm slowly but surely becoming more mobile & so for me they're the ultimate in improving my 'quality of life' they keep on about. If you can remember the name of that consultant I think I would phone the hospital & ask to put you through to their secretary to request they send asap, ie.fax or e.mail to your surgery. We know shouting & complaining doesn't achieving anything, but that's not to say you cant make an absolute pest of yourself, and I have found that at times they will not accept how intolerable things are unless you do! If you still dont get anywhere, perhaps worth looking around for another surgery if that's possible. I really hope you get a decent gp, because when you have chronic illness can improve things no-end. Also hope you find this info helps. .

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Thanks hun :)


ive jst came off a ..A to Z...of pills..including buperenorphine....& i would say please please dont let you gp put you on this...ive had to walk out of a detox called nhs...hosp...& left to ( cold turkey ) offa this daughter is a drug counciler & she said mum..thats for heroin addicts...sure i know ive read..that they use it for coming offa other things....but its a horrible to NEVER take a shadow of my former self...thanx to my gp & the nhs....


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