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Are'nt kids the best tonic in the world!!!

Had my 3 yr. old grandson staying over last night and b4 he went home earlier this evening he wanted to watch a movie on the computer. Im ok at the basics but ask me to go on and access movie sites and download films :-0 well thats a little outta my league. Fortunetly my youngest daughter whose almost 18 was in the room at the time and she is more a product of these technological times and for her things like this are 'wee buns' as we say in bfast. So i told the grandchild to "go ask aunty jade nicely and she will do it". The wee dote promptly marched over hugs his aunty and said "nicely"

Ps she did finally put it on for him after falling about the floor laughing :-)

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Give him a couple of years & he'll be able to give you some lessons on how to work the computer himself!


Aw, so cute x


Dixies Daughter

I too am from Belfast. I live in Finaghy. Where do you live. Its good to find someone on hete from my neck of thevwoods.

Luv & Hugs

Jackie xx


Hiya jackie im from north belfast glandore area antrim road :-) how ya holdin up? This bloody fibro's a curse isnt it lol im in the middle odf another flare up & cant wait to get out the other side get bk to work and some sense of normality. Im restin up 2day as Im a community worker in a centre in Manor street and were embarking on our 3 week summer scheme tomorrow. We cater for 70+ kidz and although im still a bit sore im trying hard to get better for it. Dont want to let the team down as were short staffed :-((( lol the staff team are gr8 theyre aware of my condition and its limitations and ensure i get loads of breaks and no hard jobs. :-)))) Working with the kidz really lifts my mood they're wee hallions but i lov em :-) how ypu coping at the minute? Do you work? X hugs )))))((((( karen


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