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Faded Blossom

Dear Faded Blossom I wont bother you again after this, I can tell you are desperately upset, but remember your blog 2 days ago? 'Please please don't leave' Perhaps you could read it again. We will miss you so if you go, and wish that you would reconsider. best wishes CAZ

On a lighter note I have calmed down my limb pain at night! am now wrapped up like a mummy in stretch tubular what ever they call them, fantastic! now if only I could do this all over ! still its a start, but a bit of a sight best wishes all Cazx

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who the hell wants to bewrapped in a condom all night. .......

i have received so much support that i dont deserve.. it all came at the wrongmoment in time i had also stopped texting my dear friend kia.

my baby twin grandsons would have turned sixteen and i was depressed about that in a flare up and my heart scene had upset my emotional balance,,,,, not that i am ever balanced at the best of times

i refuse to say sorry sorry again tho cos it causes too much trouble lol i eventually got over thepain of loss like i normally do and wrote a poem not agood one but here it is

For Bradley and Darien

My lovely little boys mine for so short a while

You left me before you learned to smile

I hold the hearts of both of you

And I will do all my life through

Washing your faces with tears of grief

Knowing your stay would be so brief

In my life, there is a black hole

One that eats at my very soul

As I look into the starry skies

I think of you and all of me cries

I love more than anyone can

always remembered by your gran.

next post will e back to normal

have to get back to paradise aswell so manymessages so few fingers. petal


That was a beautiful poem and i can only imagine the pain you feel my daughter lost twins last year they were only 6 and 8 weeks into pregnancy so we never knew the sex of them but the pain of losing something that you love before you have even known them or seen a pic of them is awful so to have seen them grow and to hold them and get to se them well i cant even begin to imagine so like you i will leave it there

as on 16 jan my daughter who had her 12 week scan on thurs is expecting again so a new little life to look forward to she has my 2 grandsons so a little girl would be nice but no one is worried we all want a healthy baby thats alll we ask for isnt it

i do hope that you stay i dont know what its all about but you do give some very good words of wisdom so please stay if you feel you can and i do hope that the future for you is a bright one as you deserve it you sound like a very special lady love to you diddle xx


What a beautiful poem, you are very talented. I also lost 2 babies during pregnancy, the grief never really goes, but I am so lucky to have 3 healthy girls, two of whom are pregnant about 6 weeks apart!

by the way the stretch thingys are elasticated bandages not plastic, not much better i know. but hey what ever works. You do make me laugh, thank you Cazx


paradise its that very thought that keeps me going.. diddlehellyes iam here to stay godhelp you all lol [etal


I lost my son when he was 2, I was 8mths pregnant with my other one. It was him that kept me going but even though its been 21 years I still think of my dear little Scott and like you I want to believe he is in Paradise. You should have talked to me about it though Petal I would have understood. :( anyway back to your usual disposition and remember for next time ok!!



Sorry Paradise I was reading your comment i meant i would like to believe he is in a better place lol. Although Paradise sounds nice. xx


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