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So I spent all day at hospital - woo! I had bloods, urine tests, ultra scans including internal and xrays. It's not appendicitis, they believe that basically a virus that I've had which caused cold symptons resulted in it moving to be intenstines, and just like your throat gets inflammed that's what has happened to my intestines. So I've gotta spend the weekend relaxing and getting TLC :)

Thanks for telling me to go to the doctor, I appreciate the advice, hope everyone is ok, haven't managed to read much of your blogs today sorry.

Cait x x x

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Hi Cait, what a gorgeous name you have! :) It sounds like you've had a real overhaul today, you poor thing, you must be exhausted! Make sure you take it really easy this weekend and hopefully you'll feel much better next week! Don't worry at all about the forum, just pop in when you can, it really doesn't matter. Take care. :) :)


Glad to hear ur not about to internally combust in the intestine region nd that ur still gonna be around as a valued member of the fibromites(dontcha jus love that term i borrowed it from someone on here not too shur who, due to the fibro fog :-(((( lol). Neway u rest up nd take care the "family " will still be here posting blogs and questions all ready for ur words of wisdom when you get bk :-))))


hope you feel better really soon make sure you take regular full doese of tlc petal


So glad you have been checked over and at least you know its not anything more serious. Enjoy the TLC and pampering and get well soon. xx


Cait, Oh i am so pleased for you, though it must be miserable feeling so unwell no matter5 what the cause, but at least surgery doesn't await. Having had two ops in March, first the appendics and then a shoulder decompression three weeks later I can say that no surgery is a good option. Its taken ages to get the anaesthetic out of the system. As you say, huncker down and take great care of yourself this weekend and I am sending lots of healing thoughts your way. muchly Dottii x


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