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Dinner Take Two!!!!

Hi All

I am trying to think as to what im going to cook for dinner tonight and hopefully it will be a lot better than last night but to be fair that wont be hard!!!!!

I am feeling a bit stressed today but got a nice suprise when my partner came home for lunch as he doesnt normally come home but he was in the area!!!!

My head is still pounding although i dont think the weather is helping as it is horrible outside its that drizzle rain (the stuff that soaks you as i say!!) and it is so muggy outside. I had to pop into town for a few bits and couldnt be bothered to look round market as i was getting really sore and feet were hurting wasnt even in town for an hour :( (couldnt even be bothered to look at the sales that are on) Its so not fair for us all to be in this much pain everyday.

Will let you all know how dinner goes but it could be a chippy at this rate!!!! lol

Jo xx

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ooh yummy fish and chips :) if your feeling stressed have a take away ,followed by hagen dahs ice cream ,ooh im making myself hungry now lol :)


It was a chippy for me!!!!!!! lol


Wot did u have.?how u doing now?


Hi Sammy

I had batterted sausage and chips it was lovely!!!! Im shattered now and in pain just took my pregabalin so hopefully i will have a better sleep tonight as ive found since ive started coming off them im slowly starting toi sleep better. Head still banging too i cant seem to shift it its driving me crazy. :(Just going to make a cuppa which i know i shouldnt!!!

How are you?


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