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can't believe I'm watching shopping channel on TV

I've always read the many blogs on here with interest but never really had much to write about myself. Went to beds tonight at 11pm but got up again a little while ago with so much pain I couldn't lie any more. Last week I tripped (again) and I bruised my ribs, as if having me/cfs wasn't enough for pain. Had a trip to a+e at 1am on Tuesday morning as I couldn't breathe and pain was really bad.

Took xray and blood tests, given anti biotics and of course more tramadol and sent home. I can't even lie down in my bed because of the pain. I think having ME and fibro must make us more susceptible to pain. Sorry, that's my late night moan over. hope everyone else manages to catch some zzzzzzzz's I hope I don't spend too much money one shop channel lol

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hello I have had a bad night 2 went to bed in more pain than normal did sleep until midnight been awake since came down stairs at 3.30 am just put things in tumble (that I washed last night ) and put another wash on I wish I could sleep like my hubby & my son are doing now sorry for moaning hope you feel better soon take care love beth xx


I dare not watch it I am bad enough with the internet! hope you feel better soon Cazx


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