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Diagnosed with Fibro - but is it?

I was diagnosed with fibro last winter. Since then I have had my mercury fillings removed and afterwards had my mercury levels tested. My mercury levels along with tin (apparently also from dental work) were through the roof. Sympoms of mercury poisoning are aching and fatigue. My body temperature has risen 1.5degrees since having the fillings out. I have spent 6 weeks having saunas and detoxing.

I have also seen an Endocrinologist ( by passed the doctor ) who has at last diagnosed me with Hashimotos Thyroidism, the symptoms of which are aching and fatigue amongst other things. I have been taking thyroxin for 4 wees and already i am not half as tired as I was. Still aching though.

I have come off two Durga I was taking for hormonal migraine, proprananolol and fluoxatine. Took me little while but I'm glad I stuck t it.

I had my vit d levels checked and these were low. I am now in Spain spending 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes In the evening in the sun. I am managing to swim a little each day.

I am eating a gluten free low glycemic diet and have now lost 10 lbs. Not earth shattering but going in the right direction and the last year I couldn't lose any.

I feel much more positive and also feel that there maybe some light at the end of the tunnel.

So now i ask myself , do I have fibro or is it a culmination of all the other things? Has anyone been here, please lft

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My goodness me Lizzie, that's a tough one to reply to! There have been so many changes in your life recently, You've had your mercury fillings removed, there's been a change in seasons, you've started taking Thyroxin, you've stopped taking two migraine drugs, you're getting sunlight. It also sounds like you are more active with your swimming, your diet has completely changed too and you've lost weight! Such a lot! I am sure any health expert or medical professional wouldn't be able to give you a categoric answer because of so many changes. I would imagine you would feel better with one or two of these changes alone.

I am sure some of us have also made changes in our lives and feel slightly better at times, however with you changing so many things, I expect only time will tell if your overall health will continue to improve.

You could still have Fibromyalgia , and that it's the complete changes in your life listed above that have made you feel better or manage your Fibro better. I honestly have no idea! It would be a good idea to speak to your Doctor about this and see what they reckon. :) :)


Hi. I am hypothyroid - was well on thyroxin for 10 years but am bed ridden once again. Recently diagnosed with ME/Fibro by endocrinologist HOWEVER Dr Gordon Skinner private practitioner ( profile on google) was asked, in his capacity as a virologist, to look into the illness of ME which suddenly took a grip of the nation in the 1970s - same time as thyroid tests and treatment changed!! His conclusion is that there are a large per cent of people diagnosed with Fibro that simply have hypothyroidism. However if u go onto thyroid uk site you will see there is great controversy over diagnosis and treatment . Good luck I hope you continue to feel well xxxxx


I wouldnt dare say .my fella and i have also been on a gluten wheat free diet and ive lost a dress size.and still going.

Its helped with my energy levels more.intresting.


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