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Oh my goodness what a weird day it wasyesterday here for the weather it was like a naughty little weather elf went into a weather station and was pushing all the buttons at random times lo

one min it was warm blue sky sun blazing the next it was grey and dull with torrential rain and thunder and lightening it was so weird

i jus popped to town then my daughter new apple i phone came by post so she wanted it so went back down town to give her that then i laid on the bed and read

i went tosee my daughter and grandsons last night with my other daughter so that was nice bless them

by the time we got back it was 9pm so did not see my partner last night

oh well i do hope the weather picks up today love diddle xxxx

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it was wasnt it ,my boys when i picked them up even commented on it ,and my poor stevie ,had a fire alarm and had to go out just as the heavens opened ! the students and the teachers were like drowned rats .


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