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Trying to record Atos work capability assessments

As per above I've seen some posts on here about this and hope the link above may be useful......or not as the case may be!!! Just another way of hiding the truth during these Atos assassinations oh....(assessments..sorry). If they were recorded they would have to put the truth on the reports.

the other link of the blog are people's comments, some fascinating reading.

Take care

Jan h xx

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when I went for my dla tribunal there was recording equipment on the desk, it didnt look as if had ever been used tough


i took my dictaphone and then got told it would be no good if it was waste of time that was.your made to feel like your criminal.they come over all nice and then stab you in the back after.i dont trust any of them.


have just read above link thank you Jan. we dont stand a chance do we. still waiting for my medical. soft hugs xx


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