Hello :o)

Hi everyone I've not posted in a while as I've been going thru a bad patch but I just wanted to say I do read a lot of the posts and come on most days, so thank you to everyone who shares there experiences with us all, it's always appreciated.

My bath lift is comming today so I'm looking forward to the prospect of being able to have a bath more often...heres hopping I can use it ok!!

Take care everyone, your all stars to me :o)

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  • we are here to help you thru these bad patches its wot we do huggies petal ps enjoy along relaxing bath

  • hi lv i havnt met you before(if i did i cant remember)...so hi and happy bathing xxxxxxxxxxx

  • They came with my bath lift and it didn't fit :o( got to waite again know untill they can order another type to try, very anoying!!

    Thanks for all the lovely coments xx

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