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No dont get too excited i only got up at 4.30 instead of 4 and i was awake and i had been up in the night x3 so it not as good as it looks lol

oh well grey old day today and looks like it has been raining over night and we are due to get alot more rain too so thats nice !!!

my mum said she heard on the telly that we are supposed have weathr like this for te whole of July and August o thats nice isnt it

love diddle xxxx

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I managed to sleep till 5am ...I say sleep I was awake most of the night tossing and was one of those I have them more often than matchsticks holding my eyes open now!!!!!! I am wondering if I am nocturnal....LOL!!!


if arent nocturnal yet and you have fibro you are a rarity lol huggies petal


I've not actually slept yet! Sat up all night unable to even catch a few zzzzzz's - lol.

Hope you all have a good snooze tonight, I'm hoping I do !! Hugs x


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