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ohh peanuts

ok today has been my worst day in a long time> pacing walking sitting and repeat with naps.

took 3 times my normal meds i havent pooed in over a week No meds are working.i ordered groceries online praying they turn up as we have no food no money but i charged it in hopes the bank will feel sorry for me! our savings depleted! and they say to manage our stress levels.

HOW in the h*?*ll do you do that when you have to apply for esa,apply for dla,register disabled and the only option left is bankrupt... I refuse REFUSE to go down that road.

Why should we lose everything we worked hard for and thenthe government takes it away.

What happened to helping us people as the housing is nil. and we cant work.

uggg i am in so much pain to be angry!!!

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i dont no what to say to that lv.only that its a SH***Y situation to be in.the system is pants and yet certain people just put their hand out and get what ever they to you and your family xx


ty you hun xx


Have you any food banks in your area, they many be able to help and/or point you in another direction if they can't help.


Awww bless you Ziggy

This is an awful situation you are in. I dont know what to say other than the Government have a lot to answer for.

Can you not go to your local job centre & apply for a crisis loan. I live in Northern Ireland & have a friend to had to do this until her appeal was heard and won. Its worth a try.

Luv & hugs

Jackie xx


How awful for you, I hope you get your money situation sorted soon, as stress on top of pain causes more pain!!

As to the pooing - have you asked your doctor for some Laxido - they are amazing little sachets of foul tasting salty orange, BUT they work, they dont give stomach cramps like laxitives do, they just make you go normally (and softer) it's worth asking your doctor and giving them a try, they are the only thing that helps me as the meds I take all cause constipation.

gentle hugs xx


hi ty all well be all right i usually worry for no reason, ty tinks i took 3 laxidos yesterday to no avail nothing...


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