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Why am I sleeping so much

Man I could sleep for England right now, the alarm goes off and I need another hour. I've been up 20 minutes and could easily go back to sleep. Been to have my hair cut this morning at a friends and been asleep all afternoon and now I'm tired again. It's a complete nightmare cause I know that in the next couple of days I won't be able to sleep at all and I end up taken the bloody sleeping tablets again.

Ah well I guess it all comes with the territory ;-)

Hope all you my lovely fibro people out there have had a fab day, wishing you all a very good pain free night a sweet dreams xxxxx

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Hello Eule, thanks for your message. :) Sorry to hear about your sleep problems. You didn't mention any medications that you may be taking, are these perhaps adding to your fatigue and lack of sleep? Perhaps you need to have a chat with your Doctor, explain exactly as you have done above in your message and hopefully you will get some help there. I hope this sorts out for you soon, lack of sleep during the night and then feeling wrecked during ther daytime is awful isn't it. Take care. :) :)


hi Eule i went through a time of sleeping all the time, mentioned it to my Dr & he did thyroid check. I don't know your meds was wondering if you have had a blood test for thyroid, my Dr said my thyroid was peetering out so onto levothyroxine for me.

I must say i was diagnosed with fibro later on, dont know if this will be falling asleep reading it lol. Take care..:-).


I am the same I get up about 6 and by the time I've tidied up I am exhausted and by 2 o clock I fall asleep. I never go out socially or have anyone over I cannot cope 😢


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