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I have never watched the only way is exxex but apparently they are all really brown lol !!!

well my sister called me last night to say she has ordeered her new spray tanning system and it should be here on friday just in time for her big spread in the local paper advertising and the lipo suction machine too so she wants me to go up and have a spray tan she done the course last week but wants me to go up so she can get used to her machine etc and where to do it in her room etc as you do it in a pop up tent lol which is great it is the new system out so you dont have to have it there all the time

so i will look like i have been abroad for a week !!! it lasts anything from 2 days to 2 weeks depend on your skin and how you arewith it lol

oh well i may go audition for towie lol you take care love to you all diddle xxxx

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lol think the towies are more orange than brown lol, and you are far too intelligent to appear on there!

hugs xx


My mate did me a spray tan in same tent.i went naked with the paper thong on and paper hat and nowt else

I looked like i ws auditioning for page 3.

I looked amazing after im looked really healthy.

And didnt care abt being naked in front of mate.

She used to be a glamour model .

My fella loved it .

And cat wanted a streak doing too.

Make sure you wear a mouth guard.i didnt and hurt my lungs for hours after.

Have a great time.

And no i didnt look orange.x


Good for you diddle , sounds lovely , just whats needed as an anti -dote to this summer x


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