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Long wk and wkend and eventful and walking sticks are an amazing little piece of equiptment all for my daughter and new football team

Long wk and wkend  and eventful and walking sticks are an amazing little piece of equiptment  all for my daughter and new football team

Last wk i had a busy week and Friday i suffered but still went on to run work as always (was hard) i just wanted to lay in my bed and i did not want to really conversate and i felt so miserable in how i looked and came across the best i tried to smile which at moment is an issue as my face jaw seems to be so uncomfortable.

My daughters ex football has folded after all the hard work put into it the 2 seasons there and how far they came, so we had find another team.

she had a training session on Wednesday evening got home after 8pm so was very tired.

Friday i sufferd and then saturday we had to go buy her a new kit and boots as was a massive Gala Even in Ilkley Ben Rhydding just incase anyone knows it. you heard of speed dating this is like speed football lol playing differnt teams in short times (We came 3rd) and 2 teams played were age group above and the best teams too, so we were well pleased.

on the Saturday by teatime/eveing i was so out of sorts i was all over every turn i losing balance and thought noo way i have a long day Sunday! so i took my walking stick for the 1st time and what an amazing little piece of equiptment that is for getting about and taking some weight off the neck and back and legs and so idid not look like i had had a drinking session lol even though utterly sober!! I never use my stick as i admit i feel it is for those who are more disabled and elderly (that seems stereo typing) i apologise but at 43 and supposedly looking healthy .. i felt comfortable and did not feel i was being watched so this is maybe a thing of the future and not to feel ashamed or embarased by it either. I usually only in and out of my car and in out of houses and supermarkets there is trolleys to lean on. but thought NOOO forget it use it!! what a great help and what a great day we had too. I took today off running around and relaxed at home .


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not suprised you needed today to relax lol!!

take care xx


Don't be ashamed by your sticks. I'm 40 and apparently look great but I walk like a drunk without them. I even have a 4 wheeled seated walker (defo something your granny has) and although I felt totally embarrassed by it, I've used it a few times and what a godsend. It takes the pain out of my hands and back, and when I'm exhausted which doesn't take long I can sit down. Plus it carries my bags and usually all the families stuff too. My sticks have polka dots on and I keep them in the house to walk to the car. I use the walker when I'm going food shopping with my husband otherwise I would have to use a wheelchair. I feel more embarrassed by the wheelchair to be honest. I hired a mobility scooter at a shopping centre on Saturday and that was good fun but I was still thinking people were looking at me. The thing is, they would stare more the way I walk without sticks etc. just smile back when they look, it throws them off their guard. Much love. Angie xx


Kentish lady you said it spot on!! they prob look more without the help!! you do so well by the sounds of it especially at 40!!! it is just a relief the weight dont you think .. i will reply more to this tomoro teatime as i am bedding now lol had enoughs and got a week a head ..i so wish i could spend more time on here than i actually do!! you really do have it rough though compared to myself i am amateur lol bless you !! hugs

and Nadine thank you also it has been a long wk and wkend and i sometime wander how on earth do i do it at times...all about FOCus!! otherwise i be home on sofa all the time. xxxxxxxxxxxx xx


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