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My visit to my GP

Went for my appointment this morning and I was already to tell him how down I am. He asked me how my hernia op had gone and I told him that I was a bit worried as I do have some problems he spent ages going over that by which time I seemed to have lost track of what I was going to say. I just went on and on and on about not sleeping and he said he thought lack of sleep and pain were the problem. He has given me a weeks suply of sleeping tablets and I have to go back next Monday. When I got home I realised I hadnt said all the things I had planned too. I have got myself into a right state crying and shaking and angry with myself. I rang my Community nurse and talked to her and she is going toget me in to see the consultant.

Sorry to go on but I am so depressed sometimes I wonder where this is all going to end without going to work I feel useless no point in my days. I was a nursery nurse and I miss those children so much and my work mates.

Hope the rest of you are feeling alot better than I am xx

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Hi i know i find now that i write itall down as theweks go by then when i go see my gop i have it all there as you alys forget something usually th most important thing perhaps write it all down and make another appoitment it does not matter it is what they are there for to help yopu take care love diddle x


bless you hun, i agree with diddle, writing everything down is the way to go, it works for me! :-)


Thank you the people on this site mean so much Sue xx


Hi i agree with all the above about writing it down as i have seen such important ppl like Neuro surgeons and |neurologists etc etc and come away so mad as the waiting list to start and then realising i have missed so much!!

I am hopsital on Wednesday to see Brain specialist neurophyscologist and have spent a few days going over all my issue and have typed everything up and am taking with me for him to hopefully take just 5 mins to read (much better than him asking whats in my medical files) which i have 2 lol.

as for the Hernia op i have had 2 of those my self one which was open surgery and recovered in roughly 3 months and got back to recovery but the 2nd in May 2010 has left me as i am now 2yrs 2 months on and still fighting for answers for the suffering!! i was crippled and rushed into A&E with 3 999's with the suffering i went through and now i am like i am.

It is so difficult to put across the issues you have sometimes as we get so forgetful !!

I have kept a diary since last year now and i now write things down or take my hubby to my GP appointments to help me remember what went on ..

hope we all have some help in some way and if can help in any way please inbox xxxxxx soft fluffy huggles xxxxxxx cazzie xx


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