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I went to my sister beauty room jus to sit on till and answer phone was there 11 til 4 pm jus chatting to clients etc it was nice all i done was sit but worn out jus fed the dog and walked him daughter dont want tea so jus had a togurt with kiwi and a peach woo woo really went mad tonight so now gonna have a bath and call my parents and have a chat with them and thats it done and dusted for the evning well thats the plan we will see if it turns out that way lol

Oh and sorry if i upset anyone with my i hate magicians blog one poor mrember hubby was one it was nothing personal i just dont like them much it not my thing but i do appreciate all the hard work they put into what they do so i did not mean to offend anyone i would not do that for the world

put it this way if i had a choice of going to a clarivoyan t evening or magic i would go to clarivoyant but if it was a horror movie i would go magician if ya get my drift anyway love to you diddle xxx

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lol bless ya, one question, does no one eat cake anymore???? xxx


hi i had a piece of cake last week not had any for ages been eating yogurt ad friut lol love diddle x


lol you are funny oh yes it was a bit uncomfortable when the dtawer kept opening lol love to you diddle xxx


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