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Dreaded Word - Housework!!!!!

Hi All

I have just done some house work that really needed doing and i had been putting it off as you do! I can feel it already in my back and legs and cant take any more painkillers for another few hours :(

Ohh im going to be so sore later. Normally i do try and spread it out so i dont have to do the hoovering and dusting all in the same day but done it all and to top it all of ive just cleaned the bathroom!!!!!

Hope you are all ok and well.

Jo xx

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yeah me too im shattered but been crying most of the day so that tires you out on top,

hope your resting now.



Oh Sammi my heart goes out to you as I have been like it all day too. Crying is exhausting-even got tears now, Sending you lots of love look after yourself Sue xx


love and hugs to all of you, sounds like its another bad day all round!! xx


i have been resting but it hasnt made any difference as my back is in agony. I have however been able to take a couple more pain killers so hopefully they will kick in soon!!!! Just finshed my antibiotics too today, dont understand why the doc only gave me a week on them but ive to go back in two weeks!!!!

Just watching the weather for tomorrow not looking good!!!!

I have days like that too where all you do is cry and the slighest thing sets you off...



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