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pain pain pain lol

only got myself to blame and thank god i am off sick ath the mo. got the gas man in today so had to hepl hubby to move stuff from on of the bedrooms, not did a lot. But, oh dear am i suffering today every muscle in my body aches. but i did have an accident the other day i sat on a chair in the garden them bam flat on my back the chair had rotted with all the pain. I was more embarrased that my son was there so did the women thing and pretended it did not hurt lol but paying for it now, ah well at least i can rest today sort of xxxx

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hope you feel better soon xxxx


Thats the trouble when we feel well we over do it but what choice do we have. When we are in pain and full of fatigue the only light at the end of the tunnell is that we will feel better soon if only for a while. Take care


bless you hun!! hot bath with epsom salts help with bruising xxx


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