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.oh well i had an awful night or should i say even more awful than normal got up 3x for loo then my cocsyx hurt so much even though i had huge round squashy cushions under it then my arms are killing me they are aching and like a burning sensation as if i have really straimed and ripped my muscles !!!! but i have nt done anything lol

oh well no use moaning it is what it is cant change it lol love diddle xxx

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Hi Diddle so sorry that you. Have had an awful night pain is so tiring and wears you out. This illness affects us in so many ways people do not realise how bad itt is. Hope as you get up your pain eases and that you can have a restful day take care sue. X


have an easy day, rest well and look after yourself hun xx

hugs xx


Hi Diddle

I had an awful night too. Went to bed at 10ish and then woke at quarter to 2 and couldn't really go back off after that. I suppose I dozed a bit, but then had to get up at 6am to get all my jobs done before I took my son to school. I am at work till 1pm only which is good, but then my son has an eye appointment at the hospital and now I am sat at my desk thinking how on earth am I going to get through today when I feel like this? Don't you think Fibro is boring! I do!! Take care x


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