E.s.a appeal news

Hi f.m family finally after ringing every single day to the appeals service i get a lovely phonecall back saying good news.

The judge has re- instated my appeal.so just waiting for a letter now.

Ive rang d.w.p abt getting our money back dated.

They said they would issue us with a emergency money.

Guess what no money, no phonecall?

Guys keep keep ringing these guys up,keep fighting,keep pestering.

Weve still got appeal to go through ive got 2 great doctors.just got a sick note for other illness.

You can put 2 claims in at any one time ive been told.

I just need some money now please e.s.a and a little break whilst i find a new place to live.

Good luck guys...xxx thanks for listening you have been amazing.

4 Replies

  • hi sammy I hope things hurry up and it gets sorted soon for you love beth xx

  • Hi beth yeah seems very hard some days to see the light through the tunnel.

    Hope your doing okay.hugs back.x

  • Hi sammy,

    sooooo pleased for you, and well done you, brilliant news :-)

    love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx

  • hi its not best news ive had but at least its been re-instated so we can finally get some money to live on thanks.xx

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