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Hi fm and fella wide awake mostly due to our cat waking us up and him in pain.and me in pain.

My fybro is bad in both legs,my left ribs hurt but i broke all of rhem due to a nasty car crash while back.

Got to ring round new places to live today.doctors.and my lawyer.

Were wide awake my meds have wore off and were shattered

Im feeling panicky dunno why.

Really hate this if isnt crohns making me sick iys fybro.just cant seem to get right balance.

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Hi yes same awake but due to me lol no cat/dog/chicken lol jus me and my fibro 4 am today so 20 mins later than yesterday lol almost a lay in love to you diddle xxxx


Morning diddle wasted an waiting to ring docs up.hope you managed to get some sleep.i dod little bit nt im grumpy pants xxxxx


well i bin avin probs for while gotta av xrays on my hips nxt wed as they think i also hav arthritis in them so sleep cums as usual for couple hours nite then i toss n turn in pain if it not arthritis it my fybro how can anyone say this is not an illness its in yr head they wanna try living with it iv neva known so much pain as wot i suffer with now


i click like aclock work mouse with my degenerateive arthritis and each click meand a another pain......

hiya grumpy heard the latest on your seven height disadvantaged brothers (see i could have said dwarves lol)

well they all climbed into the same bath and it was so relaxing that they all felt sleep until he got annoyed and clinbed out.

i know its hard to smile at times like this but we must try. huggies petal


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