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another pain !

now just when you think you are getting to grips with the pain in the arms,neck,back and feet,I now have pain in my left thumb,think I may have arthritis as well as fibro!

Anyway,it is not too bad and a nice hot bath has helped.

I am going to see the doctor for an update as have not been for months!

Today,I have started making my bathroom a peaceful,nice haven,like a mini spa room.

Bought a set of new white towels, bath soak,bath creme and scented candles.

Lit the candles and had a soak,it was soooooo nice. xxx be good to yourself as much as

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Sounds great (the bathroom not the thumb) lol. There's nothing I like better than a good soak in the bath with candles.

Good luck at the doctors.

Angel hugs x


My left thumbs the same and it clicks, weird!!


we are a bunch of aches and pains! but we must keep supporting each other,it helps so much and am off to bed,sweet dreams,all, hope youall have a good sleep xx


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