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I was just thinking today how easy we have things to our Grandparents and our Great grandparents ???? for instance wash day was a whole day of real hard washing where as today we put it in a machine and press a button go up town come home get it out put it in another machine and an hour later it is dry everything we do is so much easier than our forbares and what they hadto do , and i thought how must they have coped with fibro ???? as it is hard enogh in these modern times but to live with it in the early 1900''''''''''''''s how awful would that have been so i suppose when we feel down and fed up we should think of that perhaps how luckywe are to have all the modern things to help us get through our daily life with as much ease as possible and that is also not frgetting the medication side too

i dont know maybe we dont realise how lucky we are at times but even so it does not stop us from a;ll having a moan at times , never mind love to you all diddle x

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yes ive listend to my nan talking about what she had to do ,i know i couldnt do it not now ,anyway ,i suppose we lucky in a way :)


hi diddle what you said is so true my nan lost her hubby in her mid 30's with 2 daughters and no benifits to claim she worked from then till she was 91 & died aged 96. she had no washing machine a copper boiler in the kitchen no bathroom and outside loo. she lived there till moveing in with my mum at 93. like you say how did anyone cope with fibro back then. soft hugs xx


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