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Well, yesterday the schools came out for the summer holidays. We (Mother and I) took my youngest nephew with us to pick up the middle nephew when school let out. We then headed to our local McDonalds to get happy meals for them and brought them home to eat.

I got terribly melancholy as the day went on knowing that on Saturday my brother and his family heads off to France for nearly the entire six weeks of their hols. I was really feeling a tad weepy last night when I went to bed knowing I would miss my nephews greatly while they were away. They really cheer me up on the bad days and keep me going.

So this morning I woke up for the first weekday in three weeks without an early wake up call from my youngest nephew. Strangely enough I even missed that!! Despite how it annoyed me at the time.

So just got up and had my first round of tablets and the door banged open and in rushed all three nephews. Two eldest had been for haircuts first thing this morning at the Barber's and the youngest had an appointment to have his cut at 3pm. So my brother and his wife had some last minute things to do before heading off tomorrow on holiday so they left the boys with us.

My brother rushed in at just after 2.30pm to grab the kids as he had to get across town and get parked so they didn't miss the 3pm hair cut appointment. So once again I am dealing with the melancholy I had last night though I enjoyed the extra few hours with the boys before knowing I won't see them for at least six weeks.

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awww bless you ,it will go by quick ,it always does ,especially for me as i dont want it to go quick cause i hate doing school runs ,standing there in pain in the play ground

my lot dont break up for another 3 weeks :(


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