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being lonely

hi all pretty new to this site, looking for people to chat to, you can find me on face book under keith hagi hagan, but anyway reading through other bloggs the common theme myself included is loneliness, i don't know how to do it but somebody should set up a site for fb dating, i haven't been on a date for years as fb makes you feel well me anyway what would i have to offer another person, moaning,isolation,not being able to provide because i can't work etc. if anyone does start up a site and becomes rich i want a share ha, hope you's all have a day that's better than the one you had yesterday. soft hugs x

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Hey Keith, gentle hugs.

My heart goes out to you - I know exactly how it is when loneliness keeps raising it's gloomy head. I feel as you do - about what I'd have to offer a man - in my case - but with the state this sorry old bag of bones is - that don't count for much of anything at all - I gave up looking for someone to settle down with - I tried to meet someone via online dating etc. years ago but got tired of the constant liars and even stopped going into chat rooms to escape so many creeps! No offence to you as you're a guy - but you know what I mean.


Carol xx


Hi Keith ( I've just added you on fb :) )

Don't ever give up hope ! I felt the way you did and then 4 years ago I met someone- online- and we got married this month .

My dad got married for the second time at 68 , never say never !



it a lonely illness, Im surrounded by all my family, and I know they try to understand but they struggle with it all, As for going on dates the last one I had was nearly 40yrs ago, been with John that long. It a good idea about a fb dating site, good luck with finding your match XXX


Hi Kieth just put friends request on facebook,we have a couple of mutual friends how strange is that.

As Helen says never give up.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxx


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