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Back home now oow!

We had a lovely holiday, thank you, as for the fibro it came too this time, i found i didnt want to go far from the pool, yeah i know most of us greatful to be by the pool... Struggled with walking and i found my breathing a slight problem too, but sleep wow! Afternoon, early eve and straight too sleep about midnight too, how can you be so tired doing nothing i ask myself...about may the doctor thought i might also have cfs! Perhapss thats why, hey ho, pain still the same though just managed by tablets as per. Today my legs are swollen also my feet, i have no i idea, does anyone else have any ideas?? Such a fab site, love chatting to nice people who know exectly how i feel, thank you

Shazzad xx

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welcome back! shame Fibro doesnt get stopped at customs.....!! xx


welcome home p


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