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why cant i see a rheumy dr or nurse when i have fibro and osteo yet when i asked my dr why i got told i dont need one because i have osteo

iv had fibro for 20 years and osteoarthritis the last year after my spine twisted after turning over in bed last year yet iv never been sent to see a rheumy consultant or orthopaedic consultant yet where i used to live, i used to have regular check ups with a orthopaedic consultant because i have 3 damaged discs yet where i live now it seems its you have a bad back live with it

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That is really bad I feel so sorry for you. I have been lucky as I have seen so many consultants and am waiting to go back to the neurologist hope you get the help you need take care xx


I would ask for a second opinion or failing that, change ur GP. sorry ur having such a hard time right now, perhaps take a family member with you to ask some of these questions. xx edna


I know that last year my GP tried to get me seen by the same Rhuematologist who diagnosed my FM but the rheumy apparently said no point as there was nothing else she could do for me!!!


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