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On the perils of British weather

It's so nice to see the sun today. It has been so scarce this year. But of course, I'm British. So am I happy? You bet I'm not! Of course not, because right now, what I really want is a really nice, dramatic, air-clearing thunder storm. Although one of my dogs is terrified of them, so maybe just some breeze to blow away the oppressive feeling - and my pre-storm headache with it! Never satisfied - lol!

I've recently come across a weather forecast site that gives you the weather forecast for health! Apparently today's aches and pains index in my area is 5 - moderate. It has been 2 - low all week.

Ah, the joys of British weather....

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I'd like it to be sunny, around 21 degrees with a light breeze please . Pity we can't order our weather online lol.


Yeah - Tesco should do home delivery - right?


Correct Kaz !

It's nice here today if a tad too warm, tomorrow it's rain and 16 degrees apparently .

Come on weather, make your mind up !


what is the weather forcast site called that you look at? that sounds interesting


Hi Lynz.

Here is the link.

Yo have to enter your town in the search box to get your local forecast. Then next to the main forecast there is box for 'interests' including health. If you click in there it brings up the 'dashboard' which includes the aches and pains index! I found it by accident a couple of days ago when looking for a 10 day forecast.



I'm in Northern Ireland and our weather is up the left. Yesterday it was very warm and muggy until about 6 and then the heavens opened. We had flash flooding in the space of two hours. Luckily Her Majesty had already left! It rained all night and I just knew it was going to play havoc with my FMS. And I was right. Woke up this morning and couldn't move because of the pain. Days like this I wish I wouldn't wake up. I am tired of fighting this disease. Meh!


North Nottingham had had really bouncing rain, thunder and lightening felt like winter this morning, dark and horrid, now its really muggy again

Weather is always atalking point with us Brits!!!!!


That's interesting will keep checking the site to see if my body agrees with it lol

Thanks Kaz

Lynn x


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