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sweating and sage

I have just been reading allies blog and replys about sweating and I just thought I would let you know that I use sage capsules for sweating. I do still sweat, often soaking wet around my neck and face but not anywhere near as bad as I used too. I did try the liquid tinture of sage but its not as palatable as the capsules. I did start taking them for night sweats from being on the change and for me personally they made such a difference but since the fibro sweats have taken over it isn't workin g as well as before.

hugs poppy xx

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I used sage for sweats, worked for me in about 10 days.


Hi. I will try to get hold of sage capsules I get so embarrased about sweating, end up looking like I've just got out the shower. It's because our thermostats are broken. xx


i also use sage. becareful ladies about useing black chosoh, its wonderfull for menapausal flushes but it can cause liver damage.. i found it wonderful but because of other meds i was taking it raised my liver levels to that of an alcoholic,, so i had 2 knock it on the head.. xx


Im going to try sage capsules. I sweat like Ive sprung a leak at night, Im not hot but the wetness wakes me up. It doesnt smell like armpit sweat tho (sorry!). I thought it was menopausal sweats, but not so sure now. Its really annoying.Any relief would be good.


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