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Visit to neurologist today

Had a long chat to the neurologist at the hospital today about possibly having intracranial hypertension. He thinks my headaches are migraines caused by having an over activated brain. He said I need to cut out as much physical and psychological stress in my life, take up yoga or meditation, sleep as much as possible and lose weight. I've got to have a lumber puncture done to test the level of spinal fluid to see if I also have IH, and I also need to see an eye specialist to have tests done. I feel totally drained today, and my legs are literally humming with pain tonight. Thankfully I'm going away this weekend, so will hopefully be able to relax a bit! xxx

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hi Emsie, hospital appointments are so draining I know,

I hope you enjoy your weekend

hugs poppy xx


That's a new one, haven't heard of intercranial watsit will have to google it. Good luck with your weekend away, enjoy x


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