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hard day rant

2day has been so bad iv had pain goin from the bk of ma neck down ma bk ryt 2 the coccyx, i canna sit 4 long canna stand 4 long the only way is 2 lie on ma side pity is lyin in ma bed makes my fibro worse.

i want 2 give up i haven't had a proper nyt's sleep 4 so long i canna even remember an all my family call me lazy coz when i can sleep i do usually through the day.

meds not workin, body not workin and ma mental state hasn't improved if anythin all ma conditions are gettin worse.

sorry rant ova i just needed 2 get things off ma chest coz ma family an friends don't understant an they don't want 2 know.

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Oh shell,I`m sorry to hear you are feeling so low,but there is nothing worse than not being able to get comfy and sleep.

You know and we know you are not lazy,this is just what it doe`s to us and tough on everyone else,it`s a fact.

When you say about your mental state,and you are brave being honest about it.Then it is always best to see your G.P.Speak honestly to him or her,and maybe take your Mum with you for morale support and also to maybe understand better what you are dealing with.

It might be time for a change of drugs or just shoogleing them about till they work better.But please just have a word with your G.P.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


thanx 4 the advice butterfly54, i'll make an app w gp as soon as i can x


Your friends on here will always listen x


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