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Jus' sayin'

I'm glad I found this site. I'm sorry that you all have to belong to it, given that the 'cost of membership' (the dreaded F) is so high. But I'm glad you're all here too.

Every time I log on I find something to make me laugh, something to make me cry and something to make me think. What more is there?

So thanks for being here.

hugs to you all.

Kaz xx

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you are welcome ( hugs ) x


I am glad you like the site, i love it. x


snap this is a brill site has made me laugh & cry too

soft hugs xxx dottiedog


Hello, I like this site because now I dont feel alone anymore with this horrid fibro and its just great that I can come on here and 'talk' to people who understand just what im going through.

Hilly xx


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