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Sleeping Beauty

Well I am awake again, sort off still a bit on the foggy side though. I actually went to bed on Friday night and didn't really wake up until Sunday lunch time. My poor other half had to literally sit me up to make sure I took my meds and make sure that I had at least something to drink, bless him. I have had this happen a few times now but usually it only last about 48 hours at most and it always seems to co-inside with a migraine and my periods. Has anyone else come across this or am I just a freak LOL ???

Oh and for anyone who want's a bit of a laugh..... I finally had my ultra sound scan on my shoulder where they discovered that I have a tear in one of my tendons. This scan was requested by my consultant in 2009!!!!!!

Bless you all my lovely people xxx

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Hey Eule, gentle hugs.

I had to go over the first paragraph to let it sink in - which it has not - your own fault - All I kept focussing on were the words: "This scan was requested by my consultant in 2009!!!!!!" And I peed myself laughing! That has to be one of the longest referral waits in history! Bless ya!


Carol xx


Oh love, I am just like this just now, but I have recently switched to a new GP, who has completely changed my whole meds, and explained to me more about the pain from fibromyalgia than anyone has in the 10 years I've been diagnosed with it.

I either can't wake up alternating with tossing and turning all night long and walking aroiund in a fog during the day. I see my GP again next week, so will ask if there's any more we can do.


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