I thought Mr Cameron would like to know the cost of being ill.....................

1 Hubby had to give up a well paid job to look after me 3 yrs ago, our daughter was only 10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,£28,000 per annum

2 cashed in pension and insurance which were then taxed and so reducing our pension pot

3 3 yrs of having to live of saving.still had mortgage to pay, council tax water rates, very high fuel costs as I feel the cold................£45.000

thats just monetary the real cost to my family

1 hubby had a breakdown

2 we lost all our savings which we d worked so hard to save

3my eldest daughter failed her first yr of her master, missed last exam as I became so ill

3 I was accused of being a drunk, as I wobbled and slurred

4 My youngest daughter was bullied by her so called best friends the day after I had my first seizue, we were deemed not a good family

so Mr cameron, we have always worked my 4 eldest kids have worked since they were 16, gone to uni and college, my eldest is in electronic, and bought his own home at 21. my eldest daughter is a recruitment consultant, my middle son, also had cfs, we never received any help, he was ill for 6 yrs he s now a chef, my youngest son is now an engineer for a high end engneering firm worked on high performance, cars, he s severely dyslexic, again no help for him, until I ranted and raved. my youngest is 13 and already planning her courses for uni

So we not benefit cheats, we ve slogged our guts out, weve paid more in taxes than we ll ever get back. So Id really like someone to tell me is this fair or not

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  • I can so understand where you coming from as it's not so much different for me either although I am lucky in that I only have 1 daughter who was already grown up and left home. However we now no longer have a private pension, no savings and still a mortgage to pay. God forbid that either of us goes before that is paid off as we can no longer afford to pay for life insurance. Fortunately my other half still has a job but had to change to a less paid one to be able to spend more time looking after me. I had to give up my job (£32K per year) so we rely on the benefits and I have just lost my ESA as apparently I am fit for work. I wish I could swap with these people just for a few days so they can understand what we go through and that they can see that we would much rather be healthy and be at work that having to rely on other people. But keep you're head up hun, you're not alone!!!

    Sending very gentle angel hugs to you and your family xx

  • oh lally i realy feel for you. the way you cope and keep so bright is brill, cameron has know idea has he. my husband had a breakdown 12yrs ago not because of me but lose of dad and 9mths later mum had major stroke and had to go into a nursing home now shes gone. he had another one about 4yrs ago. i was the one to always leane on him so when this happened i found it hard to cope with. it will be interesting to see if you have a reply. you must be so proud of your kids they have done so well. i have 2 boys 36 & 34 the youngest is dyslexic he works with computers the other is a senior c.s.i. we have 2 grandaughters. sorry did'nt mean to bore you. soft hugs

  • Hi Lally,

    It's disgusting the way we genuine people are being penalized. Please send your letter to David Cameron's e-mail.

    Might not get anywhere but if all of us flood his account with how we really feel, surely something will be done?

    Send your open letters to

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