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Feeling really sore

Hi guys I have finally managed to get out of bed for a few hours, the pain is pretty bad but at least I am moving again, I was listening to that plonker of a prime minister, I had a great job in the army when this struck me down then I tried teaching NVQ's but it all caught up with me, it's not that most of us don't want to work it's that we can't work. I personally would sell my soul to have a job so when he comes out with his bright ideas and all the tax payers most who are tax dodgers give us a hard time for being sick is really not on, how many of us have not paid tax in our time, I know that in the army we where taxed to the hilt. So PM why not come out of your ivory tower and talk to us not overpaid advisers. Rant over, hope all are well and life is being good to you all.



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i simply say to bigots that have no idea try being in my situation for a day then see whos lieing cheers lynny


totally agree with you brian ,the prime minister is the biggest plonker ever !

he has no idea ,every time i think he cant surprise me ,he goes and does it again !

hugs xxx


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