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What are the qualifying criteria to be moved from WRAG to Support Group?

I have appealed a decision for ESA WRAG - the Benefits are reconsidering it at present - the CAB person has always put in his letters WRAG and not Support Group to Benefits where I feel it is not his place to do this (it has suddenly dawned on me) I have now moved to DIAL. Can I request that during this reconsideration period they consider Support Group or would this be done automatically if I have a met qualifying criteria? (or is this in an ideal world) any comments would be appreciated at this time. Why did CAB not suggest Support Group 2 years ago! I was oblivious. DIAL told me today that they do not recommend like that.....

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it's virtually impossible to get into the support group , from what I've heard anyway . I've that yet to come ( next year ) .

I think DIAL are pretty good so hopefully they can explain things better to you , and tell you what they think will happen.

The link below might help :


Thank you very much for this.

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