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New super speed router..installation of...or not as remains to be seen lol

Well!!!, new Virgin Media super speed router thingy as just arrived, having wrestled the box open i cannot get the "get started" booklet off the box lid. Brute force and violence may be needed. Seems to be an awful lot of packaging for one piddling little router. This may be a longer job than anticipated lol, not too techno at the best of times, so why i thought this would be plug and go is a mystery.

Could well be without the internet for several hours..days.

hope when i get into the booklet brain will let me understand the instructions..seems to be malfunctioning of late...oh wait it's called wretched fibro fog.

wish me luck

take care

Jan H xx

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How did you get on setting up your router???


Hi Ermintrude75, not toooooo bad thanks, only just done it, have to pick my moments for tech, took about 45 mins...15 of which was spent on the phone to the helpline!! it then decided to connect itself. good idea to have all the info on the back written down as you need some of it to connect.

Wether or not it decides to connect tomorrow is another matter lol.

take care

Jan H x


all seems well today so must have got it right xx


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