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this afternoon i am mneeting up with my 2 best friends we have known each other about 37 years and we know everything about each other we havent been able to meet up for 2 weeks although we text every day, but today we are having a good old girly catch up where we talk about evryone and everything (especially the men in our lives lol , sorry men!!)

you know how it is girls , put it this way i will go to my friends at 1 pm and by 4 pom we will still be going for it putting the world to rights and we dont stop we dont come up for air lol

so my jaw will be aching later good job i type things on here lol

enjoy your day what ever you are doing love diddle xxxx

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Have a brilliant time with some tasty cake too perhaps. Lol petal


Hope you have a wonderful day , nothing better than a girly catch up lol xxx


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