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STIFF AS A BOARD LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well usual body clock kicked in and i am up again at 4 am but woke up wiyh neck really stiff and my back locked up so done well i dont know what you would call but was nt a particularly pretty sight of me trying to uncurl myself and straighten myself out lol after about 5 mins of trying to resemble a normal human being i got out of bed got dressed while the going was good lol came down ,made a cup of tea and here i am !!!!!!

love to you all diddel xxxx

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Hi diddle.God knows what the heighbours must have thought if they'd seen me walking to my bin this morning all bent over walking like I'd done something in my pants. lol I have been in two minds whether to go to work or not today I was not well on saturday but went any way and apparently out of 7 orders I put 5 on wrong when I tried to explain to my manager it was probably the fibro fog he said " don't tell the area manager that he'll wonder what we're employing you for " really knocked my confidence I can tell you and today I don't want to go.


lol bless you my neighbour saw me last week and we were talking and she said what do you do at 4 am i hear you shuitting your back door as my partner is going to work then and i often hear you in the back garden lol (i am letting dog out ) so i know what you mean and yes i pull my bin out on a monday atr 4.30 am lol so god knows what they think when i am having a bad day ha ha love to you diddle x


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