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Hi All

I have only just joined, and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia amongst other things!! I suffer really badly from insomnia (starting to think I must be a bat or something!) If any of you could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

I am on amitriptyline and have just been given zopiclone to try and help, has anyone else been given this and how did you get on with it.


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Hello Mystique,

Love your title! Welcome to the site, its fun friendly supportive and a good place to come if you need to let off steam!!!

I have severe fibromyalgia, chronic M.E., cervical spondylosis, ibs, arthiritus and a whole raft of other complaints!!

Most of the time I am upbeat, but I am opposite to you in that I sleep all of the time, bed time, day time I am usually up 3-4 hours and I become desperate to sleep, wish I could sleep myself slim!!!! Lol


Sue x x x x


Hiya thankyou ever so much, bless you, you seem really nice n I am sure you are lovely you must be to reply so soon and the same goes to diddle. I am hoping to get some sleep tonight if these tablets work! will hopefully chat to you soon Big hugs, mystique xxxx


Hi and a very warm welcome to the site. well to start with you are not a bat i and most odf us end up in bed but dont sleep my usual time to go to bed is 11 pm and i am still awake at 1/2 am and guess what i get up yes up at 4 am 5 am if i am lucky which is not vry often so as you can see ou are not alone bless you keep reading the blogs and i am sure you will relate to nearly everything that we have all got so also welcome to the world of fibro , i hope to chat again soon love to you diddle and love the name too xxx


Hi diddle love your name too, thankyou for replying n yup that about sums it up for me lol apart from the last two weeks when I have only had about 1-2 hrs sleep a night - hoping these tablets work tonight! will let you know if they work when im next on here - once again thankyou - big hugs, mystique xxxx


Hi mystique,

I too would like to welcome you to this lovely network for fibro - I am new to it too and recently diagnosed with the dreaded fibro. I have spent years not being able to sleep at night (just a few hours) I was given Amtriptaline on Friday to take at bedtime along with tramadol and I have had 3 great nights sleep :)

I can hardly believe it myself, I just hope it continues!

Enjoy looking around and meeting everyone, hopefully we will speak again soon.

Fluffy hugs xx


Hi Finlay,

Thankyou I'm glad its working for you, My doctor gave me Zopiclone to take along with the amitriptaline so I am hoping to get a good night sleep !! I hope you have lots more of good nights as it does make a difference. My memory is terrible at the moment. I even put my purse in the fridge the other day! mind you I have been told im as mad as a hatter lol so nothings changed much hehe xx

Look forward to speak again soon.

Take care,

loadsa hugs

mystique xxxx


Hi to you mystique, welcome to our 'family' : D

Hope you find this site a help and supportive

hugs poppy xx


hi i am the same as you i dont sleep xxx


Hi I have just joined the site tonight,

Mystique I can relate to you, I am on both. I hope and pray it works for you the you can get some sleep for the both of us. :-)) I have severe Fibromyalgia, CF amongst many other tag alongs.

I am online most nights so feel is you need a fibro friend during the awake nites. xxx


Hey Mystique, gentle hugs and welcome to our lovely community of Fibromites! I'd like to ask you to leave Mr Fibro at the door as you come in and take a pew - but we all know that evil S-O-G. (Son-Of-a-Gun < nearest to swearing I do on-line - but I do swear!), does just as he pleases!

I've been an insomniac 38+ years and have been a Fibro suffer about as long - but only diagnosed 7 yeast ago along with PTSD. I've tried Zopiclone in the past before diagnosis and Amitriptyline for pain amongst others but after a while my system wised up and got used to them - So these days my new best friend is Pregabalin. Though I now sleep better at night - like others here, I can easily sleep the day away at a drop of a hat!

I i hope you finally get a brilliant nights sleep from now on.


Carol xx


Thankyou all soooo much - well I took all my meds last night along with the zoplicone - well think I will take the zoplicone when I actually get in bed as I felt like everything was moving lol was really dizzy n felt sick, but HOORAY it worked going to try again tonight but today I feel like a zombie! my body needs to get use to them , then will probably alternate or stop them to see how I react. My daughter who is 16 has been a great help - last night she had to help me upstairs n im not exactly the lightest person lol she sat with me n made sure I was ok - btw she says Hi to everyone and thanks you all to as it has really cheered me up now knowing I can be in contact with you all. luv n hugs to all xxxx


Hi Mystique

I take amitriptaline and zopiclone, I just take the zopiclone twice a week as my doctor does't want me to get addicted to it.....I would take it in bed, as I took it before I went to bed when I first started to take it an I fell over, and still got the scars.....I will take it tonight as I haven't slept for over 3 nights so I need sleeeeep......take care xxxx


Thanks my dooctor has given me diazapan again starting them tonight, think I will perhaps try what you do n take it if I have a few nights not sleeping - really hope you get some sleep n thankyou xxxx


hi mystique, (sounds rather exotic!!) i think the insomnia is because us fibros have difficulty sleeping as we are never comfortable ,my fella says it is like trying to sleep with a floundering fish!(not the most romantic of comments i must say!!) HOWEVER if you do find yourself hanging upside down at dusk til dawn from the light fittings go to your local vet as i fear you may actually be a bat!!!!!!


lol thanks, you made me laugh so much btw love your name xx Today I feel like a zombie so maybe I should called myself zombiebat or something!! think I rang my doctoe n she said she is going to put me back on diazapan as the zoplicone making me feel worse, think if I went to vet they wd probably shoot me lol mind u at least I would go out with a bang!! (jokes aside) hope we can speak again sometime xxxx


i once said to a pain specialist that i was under , if i was a horse they would shoot me,he said no i doubt it the n.h.s wouldn't be able to afford the bullet!!!


p.s diazapam used to make me sleep better but my old g.p would not let me have it long term


Zopiclone used to space me out for a couple of days afterward, but I seem to be ok now, but thinking about it I don't need zopiclone to space me out...LOL just a few nights of insomnia will do the trick.......It took me about 6 weeks to get used to them.....but even though we all suffer fibro we are all diffrent ...I have diazapan to .....I get 14 at a time and they have to last me 3 month ....


aha netta62 I will keep trying different methods n thanks to you to electricjaws xx I definately agree I am usually spaced out too LOL maybe need to get use to the zoplicone! will try diazapan tonight see how I get on - I dont really like taking them but need to do something to help me sleep even if its only for a couple of nights!! feeling like I have done 10 rounds in a boxing ring at the mo! think im gonna have a long hot soak in bath when my daughter gets home - I love her so much n she is a great help xx big gentle hugs to all xxxx


it is hard going, i've had fibro,myo fascial pain and spondylosis,for 13 yrs now,i was at a really low ebb, and felt i was yet again feeling once step away from suicide, and strangely enough i found this wonderful place( this fibro chat place) by error really and i am so glad i did, to find people who know how i felt as opposed to people who were fit and healthy saying"i know how you feel" WHEN ,NO THEY DON'T!!!, I'm glad your daughter lights up your life, i don't have children, i have a hamster and she is so funny she brightens me up, and i live with my boyfriend , sometimes he brightens me up sometimes not!!, i'[m struggling at the mo but it is nice to come on here and talk to like minded people), i wish you could slither out your body like a snake when it sheds its skin and have a spare body free of fibro to climb into!! wouldn't that be nice


ahhh that would be heaven just throw away the bad bits lol x mines my mind or lack of it! I was saying to someone how I always forget if someone says something - then I try to give a really intelligent answer n hope it sounds ok lol x lovely talking to you happy hugs xxxx


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