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I have always been an active, sporty person but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 7 years ago. Since then I have participated in 2 very strenuous challenges for charity but suffered for about a week afterwards. At the moment I am trying to hold down a full-time job in a type of call centre which also includes lots of typing. It is a very pressurised, very busy and very stressful position and after having been there for 9 months now I have been trying my best not to have any time off sick. Unfortunately today is my 6th day off in 9 months which I think is good but it infuriates me as my employers, like the last employers I had don't understand what Fibromyalgia makes you feel like and don't even know what it is. It is definitely correct when referred to as the invisible syndrome as I 90% of the time I look perfectly well but feel absolutely knackered, in pain and very tearful. I need to work full time to pay the bills and keep the mortgage going but I don't know how much longer I can keep this up - I have just recently turned 50 and feel old before my time. I have also gained weight and find it really hard to lose now. My husband is really understanding and will do anything for me but I also need support with other sufferers and only they know how I am struggling to cope..........

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i envy you for having a job. lol but i havnt worked for 2 years as my partner suffers from MS but i have had previous surgery for ruptered discs and now have 3 more bulging discs deteriating discs and now told i have FM. I am also always tired and struggle to stay awake, and typing hurts most days.

last week all doctors said i will never work again. my friends think im faking it or putting it on.But my husband has been my rock. ty for sharing im glad im not alone.


Hi - that must be very hard for you to deal with your problems and to cope with your partner having MS. My father-in-law has advanced MS and I know how my mother-in-law struggles every day. Aren't we lucky to have supporting husbands? I don't know about you but I really have to kick myself to get the housework and other tasks around the home done. Thank you for responding to my blog and take care and keep up the good work.


hi there!

suggestion to helpenhance your employers knowledge of FM!

look up 'the spoon theory'. print it out and put it up somewhere in the office - maybe even on the back of the loo door!

i believe the website is '' the spoon theory is used to help explain to others what living with lupus is like. Lupus and FM have verysimilar / overlapping symptoms.

have a great day



Thanks for that - it's very good but also very long. I have shown my employer's leaflets which were given to me at the hospital when I was diagnosed and have printed from the FM website but if you look OK it still doesn't sink in!


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