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I'm getting real anxious and nervous. i finally go for my pain infusion, this Thursday. I have been witing since november. There have been so manydelays and cancellations(not mine). The last delay was last Thursday. I got a call telling me that the doctor who's administering it, was taking part in the job action!

Some people have gotten up to 3 months of NO pain or greatly reduced. the doctor also said some people don't get anything out of it. I can't, for the life of me remember what the medicine is. I had a night from hell. I cried for 3 hours straight in bed. It was the small of my back. it has hurt in the past but this was a whole different degree of pain.

have good thoughts for me please

charlie xxxxxxx

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Ive never heard of pain infusion,I really hope you can get some relief from it,,good luck lovexxxx


This treatment, you are having it at the pain clinic.

I had pain relief there in April and it was a epidural in my neck what they give women for pain relief when your in labour, sorry fibro fog and it has not made any different at all, if anything im in more pain.

When you say pain infusion do you mean vitamin B injections as that what some call it.


Hi, I am new to this site, and I also suffer! From this Fibro hell, and it is really good to read all the messages, I have had the infusion you are talking about in the pain clinic, if yours is the Same it is called a phenytoin infusion and they infuse it into you over 1 hour intravenously, it is not to bad, they do keep a very strict eye on you, it worked for me and I did get some relief, however I had a severe reaction afterwards to it, and unfortunately I cannot have it any more, but everyone is different, try not to worry and think positively, and I wish you well with the infusion, soft hugs, x


Hey guys,

ok you've sufficiently scared me lol I'm having it at Royal London hospital. It is intravenous. I can't eat or drink after 7am, even though it won't be administered until the afternoon. i can have water only to swallow my meds. i'm like an elephant when it comes to takinf drugs. What I mean is it takes a whole lot of anything to work on me, if at all. I want to stay optimistic about this, but I really don't think it's gonna work.:( My partner is soooo looking foward to this, for me. Kinda hiding my doubts from her but sharing with you guys. Oh well, i'll find out soon enough

charlie xx


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