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Took my daughter out for a few hours saturday shopping in Southampton came home shattered. Got up yesterday at 3am this seems to be usual time at the moment, and my whole body hurt and sore. Did a four hour day at work, how i got though it i don't know. Came home my lovely daughter done a salad and i just rested. Had a lovely warm bath and went to bed shattered and yes up again at 3am.No work today feet feel like bricks and are still swollen and feel like i have been hit by a ten ton lorry. Now is this telling me i should no longer take my girl shopping or not do anything if i have work next day. I have always said i would not let this thing rule my life but hey ho i think it won this time. soft hugs xx

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Hi, I can really sympathise with you today. Yesterday, my 5 year old son wanted to walk up the downs behind my parents house. I started off saying that I wasn't well enough, but he got upset and I thought it's not his fault that I have this condition so up I struggled! I really know it today - everything is so painful and I am at work until 2.30pm as well. It's not fair that these simple everyday things effect us so badly. Fairy hugs x


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