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Well i have got up and it is a blue sky and sunny !!! been up since 4 am and jus took my doggy to top of the road and back and it is a beautiful day here so i hope that you have all got the same.

I am going to my sisters beauty room today for 2 hours jus to read my kindle and answer the phone and take the money soi that will be nice then thats it no other plans for the day ,

Hope all is well with everyone love diddle x

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Hey diddle,

Sun? WHAT sun? It's grey as grey could be here in Cardiff! Okay, so it's not raining - yet - but it's not SUNNY - yet - either! Ahhh well, am not going out as I'm still in a great deal of pain with this added Costochondritis that Mr Fibro reared his ugly head to throw at me - again - it's only this past few days I found out IT had a name too! :'(

Enjoy your day - no matter if you are answering your sister's phone at work and having a good read too.

Take care,




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